Hotel Policies

MABUHAY! Welcome to the EL Haciendero Private Hotel! Please take the time to read the hotel policies to ensure that your stay with us will be a pleasant one.



  1. Check in time is 2:00 PM. Check out time is 12:00 Noon.
  2. Full charges apply to guests who stay only a half day or any fraction of a day.
  3. Short term guest or guests staying less than a week are required to pay the applicable rate in full and in advance.
  4. Long term guest or guests staying more than a week will be required to pay the equivalent of 1 week rental in advance and will be billed every week thereafter.
  5. All security deposits must be paid upon check in.
  6. All reservations must be made one week before check in.
  7. Gambling is strictly prohibited.
  8. Parking is for hotel guests on a first come first serve basis.
  9. Parking spaces for hotel guests may also be rented. Please inquire at the front desk.



Safety is everybody’s responsibility. While the management and staff will do everything they can to prevent any untoward incidents, everyone must do their share to ensure the safety of everybody in the hotel. The hotel cannot be held responsible for the loss of any items.

  1. All visitors of guests are required to sign in the Visitors Logbook and leave a valid ID at the Front Desk to monitor who is in Hotel premises.
  2. Hotel assumes no liability for Guest’s property when visitors have been admitted into Guest Rooms.
  3. Visitors are permitted to enter Registered Guest’s rented room during the visiting hours 9:00AM to 9:00PM. If extra towels for visitors are requested, extra person charges shall apply.
  4. Visitors remaining past 9:00 PM shall be automatically charged extra person charges without necessity of informing Registered Guest.
  5. The hotel has the right to refuse guests who refuse to pay the rates or the security deposit in advance.
  6. Smoking is not allowed in the rooms, bathrooms or common areas.
  7. Ironing in the rooms is strictly prohibited. Please contact the front desk to make arrangements.
  8. Cooking by guests is not permitted in any of the rooms or in the common areas
  9. Under no circumstances will any animal of any description be permitted into the premises.
  10. Unaccompanied Minors should not be left alone inside the rooms
  11. The hotel reserves the right to remove or deny entry to any guests who conduct themselves in an unruly manner.



Should any hotel property be damaged by Guest negligence and/or refusal to abide by the terms and conditions, the hotel shall have the right to collect from the guests for repair of the hotel facilities as follows;

  • Smoking in Rooms and/or Bathrooms and Hallways – P 500
  • Damages to Room

a. Bed Covers – P 1,000
b. Bedside Tables – P 500
c. Broken Toilet Seat Cover – P 1,000
d. Bed Sheet – P 500
e. Towel – P 200
f. Pillow Case – P 100

  • Lost Room Keys – P 1,000.00
  • Lost or Damaged TV Remote Control – P 1,000.00



In the event of Cancellation of Room Reservations, Guests must inform the front desk receptionist in writing at least three weeks prior to their expected check-in date.